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Shammi celebrates Dim’s birthday in Ibiza style

All of you are welcome to this new blog titled Shammi celebrates Dim’s birthday in Ibiza style so stay with us In this blog, we will talk about how Shammi and Austin celebrated Dim’s birthday.

It was Dim’s birthday, which was celebrated with much fanfare by Shammi and Austin. Shammi was in Ibiza at that time and it was Shammi’s third day in Ibiza. In the beginning, everyone goes for a walk on the streets of Ibiza Where Shammi sees a spectacle seller.

Shammi buys all his glasses from him for 350 euros and when Austin tries to get one of them, Shammi says that he will sell them at a higher price so that he can make a profit. But even after a lot of effort, Shammi is not able to sell any of those glasses.

When Shammi gets tired of selling glasses, they all start celebrating Dim’s birthday, for which he first goes on a boat. The boat on which Shammi, Austin, and Dim go was not an ordinary boat, That boat was full of loud music and party people.

Shammi celebrates Dim's birthday

Dim had drunk a lot on the boat because Austin told Dim that today is his birthday and he can’t refuse a drink today. After partying on the boat, everyone goes to a party to celebrate Dim’s birthday which was similar to what Shammi saw on the first day in Ibiza.

Dim and Austin find a girl at a party, both Austin and Dim flirt with her and wonder which of them she will kiss. That girl chooses Dim and Austin’s face was worth seeing at the time. After having a lot of fun at the party, the day ends.

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