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Shammi buys brand-new clothes for Dim

they all enjoy their food first and then take a bath at the beach

All of you are welcome to this new blog titled Shammi buys brand-new clothes for Dim so stay with us In this blog, we will talk about why Shammi brought new clothes for Dim and why Shammi had to do this.

So this is the thing about Shammi’s second day in Ibiza and if you want to read about Shammi’s First day in Ibiza then click the link below, Shammi and his friends wake up in the morning after a late-night party. They see that some people are still playing music, so they go to get a drink. After having a drink, they all decide to rent a car so that they can go to the beach. After going to the beach, they all enjoy their food first and then take a bath at the beach.

After having fun on the beach they all return to their hotel, Dim goes to the pool with Austin and Shammi goes into his room. Shammi sees from his room that Austin is taking Dim’s photo by the pool and taking advantage of this opportunity, Shammi goes near to Dim and Pushes into the pool.

Shammi buys brand-new clothes for Dim

Dim gets very upset with this as he didn’t have any other clothes but to correct Dim’s mood, Shammi takes him to get him new clothes. But to no avail, Shammi gives Dim strange clothes in which he looked like a joker.

Shammi does not stop at this, he tells Dim to impress a girl in these clothes, and to make it more difficult, Shammi gives Dim an earphone and say Dim to repeat what he says.

Feels bad for Dim because he gets joked about in front of girls but it was quite hilarious too I hope you guys enjoyed it, now see you in the next blog Click on the link given below to read about  Shammi’s First day in Ibiza.

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