• Sat. Jun 8th, 2024

Stephen Mulhern slammed by furious fans over ‘cruel prank’ on ASDA worker

Stephen Mulhern has found himself in the eye of a storm after playing a prank on an ASDA worker.

The Britain’s Got Talent spin-off show host, 45, has been slammed by furious fans who have urged the comedian to ‘leave the woman alone’ after he took to his Twitter account to showcase his latest prank on the unbeknownst retail worker.

The cheeky video saw Stephen ask the ASDA worker for help at the Customer Services desk as he told her that his van had been blocked in while he and his camera crew were filming a segment.

After graciously agreeing to help Stephen out with his mishap, the kind retail worker asked the star to call out his registration plate – but Stephen had other ideas on his mind, as he proceeded to spell out a very cheeky sexual phrase.

The ASDA employee then read out the letters in front of hundreds of customers in the store as she issued a customer service announcement.

Unbeknownst to her, Stephen had organised the prank, filming the kind lady, and posting the video to his Twitter account seemingly hours later.

After the announcement over the customer service desk, Stephen told the worker: “That’s great, thank you so much. Have a good day.”

While some of Stephen’s fanbase found the prank hilarious, with some even calling the star a ‘genius’, others found it rather distasteful.

“What a cruel prank to play on that kind lady. And what a waste of her time. This isn’t one bit funny,” complained one furious fan.

“What a waste of her time. Making fun of the lady x,” another echoed.

A third added: “Aw poor lady @asda give her a pay rise please!!”

“Stephen mate, maybe try not to belittle customer service people. It’s fun and games for you but won’t be for her,” someone else raged.

Elsewhere, others defended Stephen’s prank with one fan writing: “She was probably in on it from the start and could also have signed a consent form. It’s a bit of harmless fun.”

“It’s only a bit of a laugh! Relax everyone,” another echoed.

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