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Madonna’s fans beg her to ‘stop making weird reels’ as she dons silver teeth in odd clip

Madonna’s fans beg her to stop posting “weird” reels after her latest one saw her angrily lip sync whilst pulling bizarre faces.

The Queen of Pop, 64, furiously mouthed the lyrics to the track Vent by Baby Keem.

One fan asked “what had happened to her”, while another begged her to “stop posting these weird reels.”

The singer lip synced: “Have you ever been punched in your mother******* face? What you say, oh you haven’t? Alright, wait!”

In the video she put her hands on her hips in her bathroom and looked menacing as she shouted the words.

Madonna showed off her bleached eyebrows and silver teeth
She aggressively lip synced to a track on the reel

In another part of the reel, she was lying on her bed – looking up under her bleached eyebrows.

Her dyed red hair was pulled into four plaits and she accessorised with thick silver chains to match her teeth.

“You were my idol growing up. I used to love your music & creativity, please stop with these weird reels! it’s getting dark & concerning now,” one worried fan wrote.

Fans begged her to stop making the 'strange' videos
She posed on her bed in her corset

Even Diplo left a comment – just a shocked face emoji.

“What happened to her? She doesn’t even look like Madonna…” another added.

Another added: “I’ve been a huge fan for most of my life, so it’s really sad (and disturbing) to watch the decline of Madonna. This might be funny for a kid’s tik tok, but c’mon?!

Madonna shared the snaps to her Instagram

She’s been blasted for using filters in her photos on Instagram
“I think you need to stop hanging out with kids and surround yourself with other true icons…so you can remember who you used to be and who you really are. A legend…not an idiotic try hard,” the user added.

One of the hundreds of comments was: “As a fan who genuinely loves you, I want to make a criticism. I understand your rebellious nature and more people write these negative comments, more you want to do these videos.

They continued: “But imagine if you used that rebelliousness in a more productive way like making controversial music to bring awareness to human rights issues.

Her life-long fans said how they 'didn't recognise' the star

Her life-long fans said how they ‘didn’t recognise’ the star

“Your VICE interview is simply amazing,” they continued.

“You look very intelligent talking about the stuff going on in the world. I feel like these videos are overshadowing your REAL controversial career.

“Please take into consideration,” they finished.

She recently posed topless on social media
She often performs in her bathroom

Madonna’s reels and TikToks are nothing new, she regularly posts content of her dressed in sexy outfits dancing or singing.

She recently nearly got herself banned from Instagram after posting topless, with just her hair covering her breasts.

She added the words “bad girl” with a backwards peace sign over her mouth.

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