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Shammi tells about his first anal sex experience with his Girlfriend

Shammi tells about his first anal sex experience with his Girlfriend

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Shammi tells about his first anal sex experience with his Girlfriend so stay with us In this blog, Shammi does a hilarious prank with his friend and also talks about his first anal sex. So read the entire blog to know all the interesting things.

Shammi holds a meeting of his friends where he tells everyone about his first anal sex experience with his Girlfriend. After this, Shammi also tells everyone how he had sex with his girlfriend. And it was very awkward and funny, everyone enjoys Shammi’s sex talk. Shammi also tells his brother Jayden and his girlfriend to try anal sex. Shammi tells that he had a lot of fun with anal sex.

The story of Shammi’s mischief begins here

After discussing sex for a while, Shammi sets out to prank his friend. To prank, Shammi tells his friend that he has to make a reel. In which there will be a man sitting in a wheelchair wrapped head bandaged around his head on a deserted Road and it will appear that he is asking for a lift from a car coming on that road.

And I will bring the car and help you. On this Shammi’s friend says okay let’s make such a reel. So after that everything gets set as Shammi said. Shammi’s friend sits in a wheelchair and waits for Shammi’s car. Shammi also brings a car to him but he does not stop near her and he is left sitting in a wheelchair on that deserted road.

Shammi leaves him and comes after about 45 minutes of having lunch. And the interesting thing is that he finds them sitting at the same place where Shammi left him. After this, Shammi finally makes him sit in the car and Do skateboarding by holding the rope tied to the car.

which looks very cool and fun to watch. But with this, we will advise you that you should not try to do this because it is dangerous. To do this you must know how to skate well. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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