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Pierce Brosnan Adopted Late Wife’s Kids & Was Single Dad after Growing up without a Father

Pierce Brosnan has been a canon in the film and television industry. The actor has been a part of many iconic films, but he is most famous for his role as a 007 agent. Brosnan was the fifth James Bond of the franchise.

Through the lens of Hollywood, becoming an A-list actor can seem like an easy task, but Brosnan has to fight through serious obstacles to get to where he is.

Brosnan’s childhood was not the best. According to Nicki Swift, the actor was born in Drogheda, a port town in the Republic of Ireland, in 1953.

The “Die Another Day” star never met his father as a boy. As reported by Nicki Swift, Brionana’s dad left when he was an infant, and he was left in the care of his mother and grandparents.

Brosnan’s mother took a risk to give her son a better life and moved to England to become a nurse. This meant spending long periods without his mother, as she could only visit him once a year.

In 1964, Brosnan moved to England and was reunited with his mother after living with his grandparents for years. However, his stay in London was reportedly not easy because he was bullied for being Irish.

Nonetheless, Brosnan grew up to become a successful actor and found happiness, but he had to learn to see it again after enduring more tragedies.

How Pierce Brosnan and Cassandra Harris Met
Brosnan and his first wife, Cassandra Harris, met in 1977 at a mutual friend’s house, stated Celebrity nine. Nothing formed out of their first meeting because Harris was married to producer Dermot Harris, with whom she had two children, Christopher and Charlotte.

Harris also worked as an actor and starred in the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only.” It is even believed that Brosnan was introduced to producer Albert. R. Broccoli while she was filming the movie, which reportedly landed him the 007 agent role in 1995.

Harris also starred in films like “The Greek Tycoon,” “Rough Cut,” and more. However, Harrie and Brosnan also worked together in the famous 80’s TV show Remington Steele.

In 1986 Harris’ first husband, died, and because of the love Brosnan shared with his wife and knowing how it feels to grow up without a father, the actor adopted Christopher and Charlotte, and they even took his surname.

Harris and Brosnan also had a son together, Sean, who is now a grown 37-year-old. Celebrity Nine revealed the moment the actor gushed over his family. He said he and Harris just “clicked” as a family.

The “Mama Mi” star said he went from being Pierce to his step-children to “Daddy Pierce” and couldn’t have been happier to have Charlotte and Christopher in his life.

How Pierce Brosnan Dealt with the Loss of His Wife, Cassandra Harris
According to Celebrity Nine, Harris was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1987. Bronson opened up about what it was like watching his wife in pain.

He said from the beginning, the tumor was not small, and by the time they discovered it, it had already invaded Harris’ body. But the couple was willing to fight. At the end of her illness, Brosnan said Harris had to go through dialysis, which was brutal, the actor said.

After seeing her suffer through dialysis, Brosnan confessed that he made her stop the treatment, which made her last days more peaceful. “People should be allowed to die when their bodies are wracked by disease,” he said.

In an interview with Larry King, Brosnan was asked how he survived the loss of his wife. The actor said it was faith since he grew up in a catholic household.

However, he also confessed that at some point, he lost that faith and his children gave him the drive to get back up and provide for them.

After surviving that heartwrenching experience, Brosnan found love again. He met Keely Shaye Smith in 1994, and the couple tied the knot at Ballintubber Abbey in County Mayo, Ireland, in 2001, reported Daily Mail. They welcomed two sons, Dylan and Paris.

According to the Daily Mail, the actor spoke about how Smith was there to get him through his lowest moments. He said she had the “strength he wouldn’t have been able to live without.”

Brosnan also lost his adoptive daughter Charlotte to cancer in 2013, and his wife was his support system through all his tragedies.

Piece Brosnan Found Happiness Again
Smith gushed over her husband and told Nicki Swift about their first date. She remembered that they sat down under the stars, and Brosnan held her hand with a Kenny Loggins song playing in the background.

Smith said she finally understands why Brosnan is loved so much, “he likes and appreciates women.” she said. Brosnan only had sweet things to say about his wife as well. He said, “I found a great woman in Keely Shaye. Not if I searched a million times over would I find one as good. ”

Dylan and Paris came into the world when their father was at the peak of his fame. The actor’s children told GQ Magazine that they grew up not knowing their father was famous. Whenever fans walked up to the actor, his kids thought he knew many people because “he’s just the nicest guy,” said Dylan.

However, even when they understood how famous Bronson was, Dylan said he never told people because of the reactions he would get.

Dylan and Paris spent a lot of time on set watching their father act; however, Brosnan reportedly advised his children not to follow his path because its just too much work.

Nonetheless, the careers his sons chose are not too far from the spotlight. Dylan is a musician and constantly shares his music on sound cloud. He also helps out bands that need musicians whenever he gets the opportunity.

On the other hand, his brother Paris is a model and has walked some of the biggest shows. GQ Magazine said he walked for big brands like Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, and Moschino.

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