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Jeff Bridges Scared Marriage like Death before Fell for His Wife of 45 Years & Got 3 “Real Trophies” with Her

Jeff Bridges and his wife have been together for 45 years. However, their relationship didn’t get off to a great start. Bridges feared marriage like he feared death, and when he first asked his wife out, the response was not enthusiastic.

The couple has since welcomed three daughters and built a beautiful life together. Bridges credits his wife with raising their daughters and has mentioned that he could not have done it without her.

Bridges’ wife has stood by his side through all the ups and downs of his life and even supported him through a terrible illness. She ensured he was healthy again after having a stern conversation with his doctors.

Bridges and his wife, Susan, have been together longer than most Hollywood couples and have repeatedly mentioned that they love one another dearly. However, before Bridges met Susan, he thought he would never get married.

Before Bridges met Susan, he mentioned that he had always been afraid of getting married. He admitted:

“It was like it brought me one step closer to death. You’re born, fall in love, get married, have kids, and then what?”

However, it was love at first sight for the young actor when he laid eyes on a local woman. At the time, she was Susan Geston, and he saw her while he was on location shooting a movie, 1975’s “Rancho Deluxe.”

Susan was a waitress, and Bridges mentioned that he was shooting a scene, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the beautiful woman he saw before him. He revealed that, at the time, she had a broken nose and two black eyes.

While two black eyes and a broken nose are not usually considered attractive, Bridges said that the contrast of those things on Susan’s beautiful face cast a spell on him. He then had to pluck the courage up to ask her out.

When he eventually found the courage to ask her to go on a date with him, she answered in the negative. He couldn’t believe it and asked her if she meant it. She confirmed that she didn’t want to go out with him.

Bridges said that he knew they were shooting in a small town, and they would likely see one another again. Bridges’ suspicions turned out right as she arrived at the movie’s wrap party, where he says they danced and fell in love.

He said that after that night, they were inseparable and began to build their lives together. However, Bridges still has a photograph someone took when Susan declined Bridges’ offer of a date the first time.

Although they got off to a rocky start, the couple has become iconic in Hollywood, and many fans look up to their marriage. They have often been asked how they made their marriage last for so long.

Bridges said that the easy answer was not to get a divorce, but the reality of the situation was much more complex than that. He then said:

“It’s when those big challenges, those upsets come up in your relationship; those are real opportunities to get to know each other more and become more intimate with each other, try to see what makes each other tick.”

The couple got married in 1977, and their daughters, Isabelle, Jessica, and Haley, are 41, 39, and 36, respectively. They are each loved by their parents, and their parents love one another dearly.

Jeff and Susan Bridges Have a Lasting Union
When talking about his family, Bridges has often expressed his love and affection for them. He and Susan have been married for 45 years this year and have welcomed three beautiful daughters into their family.

Speaking about the awards he has earned during his career, he confirmed that his wife and children were the best of all. He admitted:

“They [Susan and their daughters] are my real trophies.”

However, the three’s father also said he could not take credit for raising his daughters. He said: “I have three wonderful daughters — and I give that credit to Sue!” But he also said he found time to spend with his daughters as often as possible.

When referring to what his wife did to raise the children, he mentioned that she did everything to keep their household going. He compared their marriage to riding a tandem bicycle. He admitted this was one of the things that made their marriage last for so many years.

Jeff Bridges Almost Died of COVID-19
Susan and Bridges have built a solid relationship, and Susan wanted to ensure that it lasted a while longer when Bridges suddenly fell ill. Bridges was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemo as a treatment.

While Bridges was completing his chemo course, he fell victim to the COVID-19 pandemic. He was in trouble as his immune system was already weak, and his body could not fight the illness like it could if he were healthy.

In January 2021, after a month of chemo, covid attacked Bridges’ system, and Susan revealed that it was unclear whether or not Bridges would be able to come out the other side of the illness alive. It was a frightening time for the family, but Susan stepped up to be the rock for everyone.

Susan mentioned that seeing her husband so ill was heartbreaking for the family, but she made a clear demand to his doctors that would bring him out of the illness faster. Susan confirmed:

“I said, ‘Save his life. No matter what you have to do.’”

While Susan was determined for the medical staff to save her husband, Bridges was not as determined. He admitted that while the doctors told him he had to fight the disease, he was in “surrender mode.”

Fortunately, Bridges overcame the disease and is now alive and well, spending time with his family again. The couple loves to spend time with their three daughters, three grandkids, and their puppy.



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