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Jackson takes revenge on Shammi

Jackson takes revenge on Shammi

Jackson takes revenge on Shammi

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled Jackson takes revenge on Shammi so stay with us In this blog, we will talk about how Jackson took his revenge on Shammi and also know what Shammi did, due to which Jackson took revenge on Shammi. So the video begins with Shammi catching his friend while watching an escort site on the internet.


It was fun to watch Shammi see his friend open a new browser tab but it is of no use as Shammi gets to know what is happening. After this, Shammi and his friends unbox a book This book is really funny. The name of this book is Find the potential within after reading this book. Shammi goes out with his friends wearing a girl’s pants.

He was looking very strange and funny in these clothes but Shammi was wearing those pants as if it was a normal thing. Shammi walks around a lot wearing it like he goes to meet his friend and he goes to the mall. Josh and Jayden also come there to join Shammi, Josh comes there to do a photoshoot of Jayden.

Shammi goes out with his friends wearing a girl's pants

Josh shoots very good videos for Jayden, seeing that video, Shammi also gets his video made by Josh. And this video is very funny don’t forget to watch it. After the photo shoot, everyone tries to do it while on the skateboard, which Jayden does their best while. When Shammi goes to the mall, Shammi meets some teenagers who ask for Jackson’s number from Shammi.

And Shammi gives them the number, those kids get a call to Jackson and talk to him. After a while, Jackson’s call comes on Shammi asking if you gave the number to anyone but Shammi refuses. But Jackson was suspicious of Shammi, he knew that only Shammi can do this to him, so he takes revenge on Shammi.


So when Shammi reaches his house, after a while Jackson reaches there with Shammi’s car On which I’m gay is written and a dick is drawn with paint. Shammi gets shocked seeing this but later everything is fine, both Shammi and Jackson keep joking with each other like this. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.


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