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All of you are welcome in this new blog Blakey Swapped Shammi’s Burrito Uncut Kitchen so stay with us In this blog Today we will talk about a YouTube channel related to Shammi whose name is UNCUT KITCHEN. I hope you have heard its name before and if for some reason you have heard its name for the first time.

So let me tell you that Uncut Kitchen is a YouTube channel of a special friend of Shammi, as the name suggests, funny videos related to cooking are put on this channel. This channel is run by Shammi’s very good friend Blakey and he is the owner. I can say for sure that if you have seen Shammi’s videos then you must have seen Blakey.

But you might not know that as much as Blakey is good at doing pranks, he is also more good at making a variety of delicious food. And if you have any doubts about Blakey’s cooking, then let me tell you about the day when Blakey pranked Shammi. So the thing is that Shammi likes to eat burritos and Shammi has a habit of doing some work before eating.

Shammi does not even know that it is not his burrito

And on that day when blakey pranks Shammi, something similar happens, Shammi has gone to the gym and his burrito which came from the restaurant is kept on the sofa. Blakey Swapped Shammi’s burrito with his own made and waits for Shammi. When Shammi comes and eats that burrito, he goes on eating it, Shammi does not even know that it is not his burrito.

Actually, Blakey tried to copy Shammi’s burrito and blakey made a tastier burrito than the restaurant. Shammi also liked it very much and by seeing this you can find out how talented Chef blakey is. And with that this blog ends I hope you liked my narration, click on the link given below to read more such funny articles.

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