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7 Celebrity Children That Were Kept Secret


Nov 12, 2022

Guys, being famous is really difficult. You’ve got to be a role model, but because you’re so attractive, opportunities to not be that are continually presented to you, and sometimes those opportunities result in children.

Heck, perhaps you just don’t want photographers snapping pictures of the part of your heart that is wandering about outside your body, 24 hours a day.

In any case, there are times when it’s important to tell people “I don’t know her” about your child, but eventually the truth will come out if the public is constantly prying into your business.

1. Drake

The world was unaware that Drake had a child from a brief relationship with a model until Pusha T mentioned it in a diss track in 2018. The lesson? Never piss off rappers.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

For 7 or 8 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger was unaware that the boy of the family’s housekeeper, who had been working for them for about 2 decades, was his son.

However, it took another half-dozen or so for the public to learn the truth, thanks to his wife. Marriages frequently don’t end up well when things like that happen.

3. Clark Gable

When Call of the Wild costar Loretta Young became pregnant during a (probably non-consensual) relationship with a married Clark Gable, she devised a crazy plan to conceal the pregnancy and delivery before “adopting” her own daughter.

4. Clint Eastwood

Even Clint Eastwood isn’t sure how many kids he has, and one of them, a 1950s baby, didn’t show up with him in public until 2018, at least 15 years after he was positively aware of her existence. Even some of the most famous ones aren’t legally confirmed as his.

5. Chuck Norris

By all accounts, Norris didn’t actually learn that a daughter from a 1963 affair existed until she wrote to him in 1990. In addition, he held back his revelations until 2004, the year he released his autobiography, since while some superstars spill all, Chuck Norris throws bombs.

6. Bob Dylan

The details of Dylan’s 6-year marriage that wasn’t publicized, were concealed until his daughter with his secret former spouse, who was also a backup singer, turned 15. Fair enough, that was the 1980s. We were all trying hard not to pay attention to Bob Dylan.

7. Eric Clapton

After infamously immortalizing Pattie Boyd in song, Clapton infamously mistreated her, resulting in their divorce in 1988 after she discovered one of his adulteries had led to a son.

She (and everyone else) were unaware that he had another child two years prior to the untimely death of his son in 1991.

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