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Unique ‘Two-Faced’ Cat Becomes Father to Kittens in Each of His Colors


Oct 21, 2022 ,

This cat was named Narnia, a unique British Shorthair cat from France and went viral because of her two-faced appearance. He was born on March 28, 2017, and his human named Stephanie Jimenez quickly fell in love with him together his blue eyes.

He was naturally born very similar to a chimera cat which is the result of 2 fertilized eggs fusing to become a single kitten inside the womb.

“When Narnia was born, I was extremely surprised. I knew immediately that he was exceptional.” Stephanie said

Narnia became viral online after he became a father of two kittens that have taken their fur color from each side of Narnia’s face.

The black cat named Prada and the gray cat named Phoenix are both adorable and they also have been graced with their father’s unique looks.

Being a parent will not be his last because Stephanie is a professional cat breeder and the owner of Chatterie de la Grace which specialized in breeding British Shorthair kitties.

All the kittens are born with blue eyes and it will change as they grow older because it will adjust the production of larger amounts of pigment. So, it’s rare for an adult cat to have blue eyes.

“I knew that Narnia was exceptional from the moment he was born,” Stephanie said

Having a cat like Narnia is good to run a family with his unique looks.

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