• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Just 16 Hilarious Photos of Animals Sneezing

A still photo can capture moments that the naked eye might otherwise miss, like these extremely comical animals mid-sneeze.

1. Profile picture vs. tagged photo

Image Credit: WhatItDoMa via Reddit

2. Careful, you’re in the splash zone.

Image Credit: -Phayte- via Reddit

3. That’s an “excited about wet food” sneeze.

Image Credit: Baelish2016 via Reddit

4. Pollen is the only downside of outdoor photo shoots.

Image Credit: davidhalston via Reddit

5. Wait for it… waaait for it…

Image Credit: Sunbeams14 via Reddit

6. Mid-sneeze with a snootful of sand.

Image Credit: suzeQ12 via Reddit

7. Sneeze or evil laugh?

Image Credit: AnxiousAxis via Reddit

8. You know it’s a powerful sneeze when the nose twitch is blurry.

Image Credit: yonderposerbreaks via Reddit

9. Sneeze + blep = bleeze? Slep?

Image Credit: MuffinPunchin via Reddit

10. “Caught my dog mid sneeze. Looks like she’s laughing.”

Image Credit: lordsauceboss via Reddit

11. Gesundheit.

Image Credit: BasedOnAir via Reddit

12. “My dog. pre-sneeze. sitting on a toilet. on my porch. enjoy.”

Image Credit: via Reddit

13. When you accidentally turn on the front-facing camera.

Image Credit: WorkCanWait via Reddit

14. The sassiest sneeze ever.

Image Credit: W3lshman via Reddit

15. When the nip kicks in.

Image Credit: Motoagogo via Reddit

16. This one goes over the fireplace for sure.

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