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Mom without Arms Raises Daughter by Using Only Her Feet despite the Criticism She Receives

Sarah Talbi is living proof that a mother’s love for her child knows no bounds and can overcome anything. The doting parent was born without arms, but this doesn’t stop her from giving it all for her precious little girl.

Artist Sarah Talbi enjoys her life in Brussels, Belgium, despite the many challenges she has faced throughout her life. Born without arms, Sarah quickly had to learn how to do things using her legs.

From getting dressed to cooking meals, nothing was impossible for her. The artist found love with her husband and shared about their lives on her popular YouTube channel. Sarah’s techniques for getting things done were impressive, but it didn’t stop the haters from commenting.

She Persevered and Rose Above
The Belgian woman worked hard to educate herself and did everything with relatively little help. While growing up, kids asked her why she didn’t have arms, but it never bothered her. Sarah explained:

“For me, it was totally normal. I thought there were lots of other people without arms and I was just one of those people.”

Her Greatest Achievement
In September 2018, Sarah achieved her biggest dream—her daughter, Lilia, was born. She took care of her now-three-year-old, washing and dressing her inventively.

Sarah’s core strength allowed her to lift baby Lilia out of her bed, and it also helped her cook in the kitchen. She chopped vegetables and even knew how to knead the dough with her toes.

Sadly, Sarah has faced some harassing messages. While most of the feedback is kind and uplifting, there have been a few haters.

It Wasn’t Easy for the New Mom
The artist was more cautious when her daughter was still a newborn and relied on her husband’s assistance. Sarah was still figuring out how to handle having a baby, which wasn’t always easy.

She highlighted her husband’s support and noted that he was a very involved father when raising Lilia. It wasn’t always easy to share the load because Sarah wanted to be there for her little girl in every way possible. She shared:

“It was very difficult because as a mother, you want that direct link. I never have any issue asking for help when it comes to my disability, but asking for help when it comes to my baby was hard to bear.”

Taking Care of Her Little Girl
Sarah told subscribers how she managed her daily life on her YouTube channel, and many were moved. She was happy to share more about her disability and help destigmatize it.

The mother of one revealed that over the years, she had mastered many techniques required to care for her daughter. Sarah can look after her child without help now.

The duo often go for strolls together in the park—the mother called their outings “real bliss.” Sarah also noted that her daughter didn’t know she couldn’t hug her back yet, and she cherished their special connection.

Sarah’s Message for the World
Nothing held the mother back, and she was proud of how she raised her little girl. The youngster held onto her mom’s sleeve when they walked down the street together. Sarah explained: “It’s unbelievable. She’s holding it like a hand.”

Sadly, Sarah has faced some harassing messages. While most of the feedback is kind and uplifting, there have been a few haters. The mother doesn’t resent the naysayers and only hopes to show people one thing—she said:

“Being different is not a problem and we can all live the life we’ve decided to build for ourselves.”

The Online Response
Thankfully, the little family of three frequently receives positive messages from the online community, with one kind person expressing that “a mother’s love can conquer all challenges.”

Sarah’s love and dedication toward her child continue to touch many hearts, and users applaud her for the passion she has:

“I would like to [say] thank you for the simplicity and strength you transmit.”

– (@roberto_ventura97) August 02, 2022

“You have my full respect and admiration, I write it with all my heart. God bless you.”

– (@karoly4122) July 26, 2022

“You are a wonderful mom and I look up to you.”

– (@coz_creation) April 12, 2022

Sarah is a supermom, and her determination is inspiring. We wish her and her little family only the best in the future. May their story continue to be a source of encouragement for others.

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