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Michael Douglas, 78, is unrecognisable as Hollywood star ditches his signature grey locks

Michael Douglas looks unrecognisable after ditching his signature grey locks.

The Hollywood star, 78, stunned fans as he showcased his new look in a recent video shared to his Instagram.

He’s known for his slicked back silver hair, but now the Wall Street actor has opted for an auburn transformation as the Hollywood star changes up his appearance.

The One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest producer didn’t directly address his bold new look in the short clip, but subtly revealed it instead.

“Hey guys, happy TGIF, have a good one, lots of love,” he says down the camera as he shows an impressive backdrop in Paris.

Michael has ditched his signature slicked back grey hair

His dyed locks were blowing in the wind as they were part-hidden under the film star’s cap – but the new look didn’t go unnoticed by his fans.

One adoring fan said: “You could be in your teens looking at this image if you Michael.”

Another said: “Love the natural look.”

While a third penned: “Looking handsome as always!”

But not everyone was a fan of his brand-new look, with one saying that the newly-dyed locks make him ‘look older’ and have demanded he goes back to his grey hair.

They said: “Sorry Michael, the hair makes you look older not to mention the wrinkles. Go dye your hair back to grey and get a haircut.”

Another added: “Michael had wonderful hair for a guy his age, and looked handsome naturally silver.

“You do not look younger MD with ginger hair, simply odd? That said, your head, your hair, your weird color scheme.”

Some followers have speculated that he may have undergone the dramatic transformation for a potential upcoming film or TV project.

“Probably for a character he is playing in a movie,” added another fan.

Pictured previously with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones
Not all followers are a fan of his bold new hairstyle

Michael has appeared in over 50 Hollywood films including Wall Street, Romancing The Stone and Fatal Attraction, winning two Oscars and four Golden Globes along the way.

He has beaten throat cancer, drug addiction and alcoholism, and has been married twice – first to film producer Diandra Luker and now to another Oscar winner, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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