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40 Funny Cats Who Never Fail To Amaze Their Owners With Unexplainably Weird Gestures


Oct 29, 2022

Cats are notoriously well-known for their odd acts

At first, their owners appear confused and worried when they see the meow beasts posing like they are doing some weird rituals. Then, the hoo-mans get used to it and eventually fall in love with those quirky gestures. The owners cite romantically that those spooky behaviors are a shred of solid evidence that their furbabies are unique and irreplaceable.

Human beings might never catch the purry creatures’ brainwave frequencies. However, as long as they are our little angels, we are addicted to every single movement of them. We love all the facial expressions they show and embrace their dumbness and silliness as a precious part of our hearts. We are willing to let these furballs dominate our world and become the pawfect lords.

If you still wonder why we are so crazy when it comes to felines, we are excited to demonstrate a cute photo collection of “cats making funny faces” moments. Watch them, and then, you will understand!

#1 Sometimes You Find Great Things In Apple Trees Photographer Unknown Stunt Cat Unknown But A Definite Hunk

#2 P.u.r.r.v.e.r.t

#3 Saturday Sleep In Zzzzzzz Zzzzzzz

#4 Dragon Cat

#5 Pancake Says Hi

#6 Caption This

#7 The Purr-Fect Wedding Photo!

#8 Shay Thanks For Bringing This One To My Attention. So Stinking Cute

#9 This is how you know yawns are really contagious

#10 This Is ‘Keys’. She Keeps Putting Her Paws In The Air And Nobody Knows Why

#11 Dorito

#12 This Is Biscuit

#13 I Think He Enjoyed His Kitten Soup

#14 She Had No Idea Why I Was Laughing At Her Soo Much!! The Piece Of Grass Stayed On Her Face For Almost Half An Hour Silly Baby

#15 Best Caption Wins

#16 Lola Would Like Some Attention

#17 Ouch

#18 Social distancing, hooman!

#19 Weighing Lana Before I Wormed Her, She’s Still Small Enough To Be Weighed In Kitchen Scales, Maybe I Should Have Used A Bigger Bowl, The Look On Her Face Is Priceless

#20 Her Name Is Maeve

#21 Not Sure What Disney Knows That I Don’t

#22 Blech!

#23 No Caption Needed

#24 Not Only Does One Of My Cats Make Weird Faces Rutabaga Also Sits Weird As Well

#25 Not sleepy, he’s fainting

#26 That Time I Startled Tupelo When He Was In The Box

#27 Velvet Being Cute On Her Egg Carton

#28 When You Tell Your Cat No More Cat Nip

#29 Mmmchickins Lol

#30 She Is Beauty. She Is Grace. She Is Bella Fluffy Face!

#31 He Does Not Want To Be Touched

#32 Jon Snow. He Knows Nothing

#33 What Cat Doesn’t Want A Piece Of Pizza?!?

#34 Pendalaton Wants To Know Who Is Ready For The Weekend???

#35 Hapten Is All Smiles After His Neuter Surgery

#36 Teeeefs Meezer Teefs

#37 Classy

#38 Show Me Your Cats Licking Themselves, This Is My Daisy

#39 My Partner Caught This Picture Of Both Of Us Making A Funny Face. The Stink Gremlin Is Named Bailey. This Is His Stank Face, Much More Impressive Than Mine

#40 That Face You Make When New Halloween Decor Is Being Displayed In Stores!

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