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This Is A Bad Idea: Getting Stuck While Taking A Dodge Charger Off-Roading

This Is A Bad Idea: Getting Stuck While Taking A Dodge Charger Off-Roading

YouTube channel Matt’s Off Road Recovery posts videos of the recovery of vehicles that get stuck in some pretty extreme places. In a recent video, they head out to the desert where the sand dunes cause some problems for the owner of a pickup truck and later pull out an unconventional off-roader.

While vehicles like Jeep Wranglers and Toyota 4Runners are common off-road and on sand dunes, less commonly does someone take a Dodge Charger off road. Check out the video to see the guys from Matt’s Off-Road Recovery assist a couple who take a wrong turn and go way beyond the beaten path in the muscle car, requiring a rescue.

Off-Road Recovery Of The Dodge Charger

The video starts off with Toyota Tacoma stuck in the sand at the dunes and the crew helps to get the midsize truck pulled out from its spot and onto more stable ground. They tell the owner of the Tacoma that they have another job to get to about a green car that is stuck in the sand off of the interstate.

The driver of that car is initially unable to get a location pin to send so they head to the general vicinity to attempt to find the stuck car. Thankfully, a pin eventually comes through and they come to the realization that the driver of the car is nowhere near where she thought she was.

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After driving down a desert road, they come across a green Dodge Charger. While Dodge does offer an all-wheel drive version of the Charger, this one is a rear-wheel drive car. Coupled with the Charger’s relatively low ground clearance, these factors only contributed more to the Charger’s inability to move through the deep sand.

The bottom of the Charger drags across the sand as they try and pull it out, which requires digging the car out with a shovel.

Saving The Dodge Charger From The Sand

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