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The pet cat ate the sausage that the lotus had just made, was caught by the hand, tears came out: I just want to try a bit


Oct 17, 2022

Perhaps the stomach was so hungry that the pet cat went to the kitchen to try the sausage that the young man had just made, its expression then made many people both funny and sad.

Recently a guy named K.Q shared a funny and cute moment of the cat in his house. According to Mr. Q, this pretty friend can’t normally eat spicy food. But when he passed by the kitchen, he saw some sausages on the shelf that he had just made, so he wanted to taste some.

He also didn’t have time to tell the cat that this was spicy and inedible. So when he smelled the aroma coming out from the kitchen, the cat jumped on the shelf, crept up to grab the sausage and then brought it to his mouth to lick. Perhaps if you just stop at enjoying the outside, nothing will happen. Here, the cat also took a big bite and ate it wholeheartedly. That’s why hot peppers spread into the mouth.

When the owner went out, he saw his smug appearance and was both angry and funny. The cat’s mouth was red and swollen, and his eyes filled with tears as if he was about to cry. The cat was made too hot by chili, so he cried. Normally, the guy advised the cat not to have a habit of eating or stealing. But perhaps this time the exception was because the sausage was so delicious that it turned into a funny scene like this.

This will save the crime of clumsy, next time remember.

Perhaps after this time, the pet cat will not dare to go to the kitchen to eat clumsy again. The owner was quick to capture that moment and post it on social media. Therefore, many people laughed at the image of a cat with tears in his eyes about to cry and as if he wanted to say sorry. But there are also many opinions that he should take the cat to the hospital urgently, because it is likely that the baby will get sick.

After reading everyone’s responses, the guy quickly took the cat to the hospital for examination.


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