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KRISTEN HANBY – I can’t believe they did that

KRISTEN HANBY – I can’t believe they did that

I can't believe they did that

All of you are welcome in this new blog titled I can’t believe they did that so stay with us In this blog, we will talk about what Kristen Hanby did that is hard to believe. Recently, Kristen uploaded a video on his channel in which he does a prank on his grandmother.

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Kristen dyes her grandmother’s hair pink but grandma didn’t know that Kristen was dyeing his hair pink. Kristen’s grandmother is shocked to see her hair dyed pink, for a while she cannot believe it. Everyone standing there likes the new look of Grandma.

Kristen say her to shake his head like a rockstar, at first Grandma doesn’t like it. But when they all say again and again she shakes her head like a rockstar and at that time she was looking very cool, she also started liking her look.

Kristen does most of the pranks with her family but who thought that he can prank his grandma too? Kristen is a very funny prankster, he will do anything to make people laugh. Also, he loves everyone like his family, especially his fans

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